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Parents have a duty to financially support their children until at least their 18th birthday. The duty will continue beyond the 18th birthday if the child continues to attend high school on a full time basis. However, unless the child is mentally or physically disabled and is unable to support him or herself, the child support will terminate when the child turns 19.

The amount of the child support obligation is based upon the parents’ combined gross incomes using Ohio’s statutory child support guidelines. The court is permitted to deviate from the amount calculated using the guidelines if the circumstances warrant it.

Typically, child support is paid by the parent who does not have custody. In shared parenting arrangements, child support is typically paid by the parent with the higher income.

Child support is required by law to be paid through a county child support enforcement agency. The law also requires that child support be withheld or deducted from the wages or assets of the obligor parent.

Child support is always subject to future modification based on a change of circumstance as defined by law.

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